In order to realize a project, several steps are necessary. They are divided into four phases of the project and subsequently explained:

Stage I (Analysis and Research)

In the first stage, a comprehensive analysis of the product will be created. This includes:

Analyse & Recherche

  • Operation and function of the product to be marketed
  • Comparable / similar products already existent on the market
  • Required security certificates etc.
  • Sales Market
  • Target Group
  • Price sector
  • Production costs
  • Selling expenses

Stage II (Evaluation and Design)

In the second stage, the protocol created earlier is evaluated and a customized marketing concept will be created. This includes:

Auswertung und Konzipierung

  • Determination of the sales market, depending on the target group
  • Brand Name Suggestions
  • Defining the marketing strategy
  • Development of logo / corporate Idendity / packaging material etc.
  • Determining the price sector, depending on the production and marketing costs

Stage III (Implementation)

In the third stage, the pre-established and by the customer confirmed strategies are implemented:


  • Print of logo / corporate identity / packaging design (first small edition as a dummy for presentations etc.)
  • Registration of the brand name (Word / Image Brand)
  • Realization of various marketing campaigns (Web / Print / Radio / TV)

Stage IV (Publishing and Distribution)

In the fourth stage, the now finished product, will be launched on the sales market in relation to the first three stages. This can vary depending on the product, target group and price sector.

Vertrieb und Publizierung

  • Product presentations for appropriate representatives of wholesale and retail trade
  • Dissemination of elaborated marketing campaigns
  • Realization of logistics (order processing and delivery of products to the end customer)
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